Re : Query Regarding H1B Visa Stamping (Calling Pontevecchio for Advice)


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I came to united states in 2007 on F1 Visa and Finished my masters in 2009 . Later i worked in OPT till Oct 2011 . My H1B was approved in 2011 and I started working on my H1B status from Oct 2011 and i worked for 2 months and i came to India on Vacation . I went to visa stamping in India in Dec 2011 and i got 221g query . And i lost my client and then i started working for famous MNC in India and they have transferred my H1B to their company now and i got visa stamping till Jan 2016 .

Here are my questions .

1) Can i transfer my H1B to new company now from india itself ( I think this can be done)

2) If my H1B was approved through a new company and if i get a new I 797 now , Can i enter into united states with my existing visa stamping which is valid till 2016 .

I think mine is entirely different case . Since all my transfers are happening from India , how should i proceed now . Should i again go for Visa stamping with new approved I797 .

Please advice me , how should i proceed ?

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