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Hi All,

I am EVVC model and i have an Interview in couple of days....

My Client mentioned Prime vendor and my Employer in the Client letter and My Prime Vendor mentioned my Employer name in the Vendor letter but My Prime vendor didnt mentioned the middle vendor.

My middle vendor mentioned my Employer name.

Will there be any issue as the middle vendor name is not mentioned in the Client or Prime vendor letter?

If there would be an issue , what would be the issue and how to overcome it?

Please let me know your valuable answers for the above questions.

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Hi ,

Forgot to mention that My middle vendor mentioned End Client , Prime vendor and my employer in the middle vendor letter.

Please let us know will this cause an issue and how to overcome this situation as i dont have a chance to get a new Client or prime Vendor letter because of time..

Your inputs are valuable...

Please provide me the possible answers for my above post ASAP...

Appreciate your time and help....

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