RFE on 485


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Before writing this post I did try to research different posts to see if there is similar case like mine but could not find one, so I am posting one now

Here is my story and questions

1. I got my EAD 05/2012 and I have approved I140 as well. My PD is 03/09

2. I got RFE on my 485 application, they asked about my last divorce certificate, new marriage certificate. I/my company submitted the response 10/12

3. My I485 is now pending more than 180 days. I am filed under EB2 category, looking at the latest visa bulletin I feel it will take quiet a bit of time before I would see my GC

I have couple of questions:

1. Would there be any remarks/response from USCIS on my RFE response before my PD becomes current?

2. If I plan to change jobs (with similar role as filed in GC with no reply to my RFE response) would there be a problem?

Thanks in advance

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