Reapplying -Visitor visa for my Parents-Got it for 6months First time


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Hi All,

First time my parents got the Visitor visa for 6-months. They couldn't make out the trip because of some family and work reasons .Now the visa is expired. Both my parents work for the government . I have a younger sister who is still studying So they would hardly stay here for 3 months.

1.Is there any way that they can get a visa of multiple entry for 10 years ? So that I need not reapply every year .

2. My father is going to retire this May . Does this impact his visitor visa chances? If so what r my options for making it better.

3. Will sending my parents separately to the visa interview make any difference ?

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The fact they did not visit is not an issue. The duration of the visa is determined by the officer and there is no way to influence the duration. Attending separately is a well known way of trying to trick the officer; it will not work. Retirement both helps and hurts.

They got the visa before so why are you worried?

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