I140 approval copy not shared by employer


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Hi - I was told by my employer that my I-140 was approved last year. They never gave me I-140 tracking number even after asking so many times. I dont have any hope on them. As I am planing to move to new employer in few months, Is there any way that I get I-140 copy so that It can be transferred over to another employer.

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You should be able to get you complete file from USCIS using FOIA. You can also specifically request for you PERM and I140 documents. You need to fill out the Form G-639 and send it to USCIS FOIA department either by post or via email uscis.foia@dhs.gov . The form needs to be notarized before sending it to them. I am not sure what are the exact processing times, but I would guess between 1 month to 2 months. USCIS FOIA site shows 19 days as the processing time for Track 1 aka simple requests.

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