Marriage to a US Citizen


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I am getting married to a US citizen.

My questions are

1) Should i file for the Green card in India or should he file for a Green Card in US?

2) How long will it take?

3) I already have a SSN in my old name. If I have to change my name on it. Can I do it in India or should I do it in US?

4) I have changed my daughter's name. The PIO card ( on which basis , she is living with me in India) is on her old name. How do i change this from India?

Thanks for yoru help.

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The immigrant petition I-130 is filed by the US citizen petitioner typically in the US. If the noncitizen is in the US pursuant to a valid admission, they can file for adjustment of status. Otherwise, consular processing may be a likely option. One may want to consider the fiancée option as well, as it can be quicker sometimes. It may be helpful to consult with a qualified immigration attorney to develop a personalized immigration strategy.

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