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I completed master degree in computer science six years ago in US. I worked in US for 3 years. Currently I am in India. Do I have to be in US to apply for green card under immigration reform advanced degree? Please throw some light on this. I can come to US on H4 next year. I work for ********* in India. Do I need a job offer letter from US to apply for green card?


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There is no immigration reform law. At best there are a few piecemeal immigration bills that have been proposed in Congress. First there needs to be an immigration (reform) bill with the so-called STEM visa provision, and then there are many, many, many steps before such a bill becomes law. Currently, there is only the existing employment based (EB) permanent residency (green card) process, typically starting from a H-1B visa. Any immigration reforms may be in the future -- and there is no guarantee or assurance that they will even happen -- and if they do happen it will be several months away.

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