Canadian Citizen's Restrictions When Visiting US For Prolonged Period of Time


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I am a US green card holder, and my parents are citizens of Canada. I have two young children, and am contemplating having my mother over so she can help me look after the kids.

Please help me with the following questions:

1. How long can she stay in the US in one go (my understanding is 6 months)

2. What ever be answer to #1, can she go around the border after that term completes and come back to the US to begin the next term of her stay?

3. Are there any restrictions on the number of months she can stay in a calendar year in the US?


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Do your parents as Canadian citizens have Canadian passports? If so, then there is no visitor visa requirements for Canadian citizens visiting the U.S. The 6 month visitors time limit does still apply (your understanding is correct). Regarding the other questions, there will be a record of each entry to the U.S., and repeatably staying in the U.S. for an extended period (up to the 6 months), leaving back to Canada, and coming back to the U.S. could well raise flags with immigration. However, it is my understanding that there is no maximum stay in the U.S. per calendar year (just per visit). The best advise is to consult with a qualified, experienced (U.S.) immigration attorney about your plans.

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Coming into the US as a visitor to care for grandchildren is not permitted, as it is "work." The idea is that such a person would be taking away a paid job from daycare provider in the US. If such a person is honest at the border (CBP), then they will not be permitted to enter. If they are not honest, they can be charged later with misrepresentation.

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In the US, grandparents may care for a grandchild for a parents weekend away or a short family emergency but not generally as a live in babysitter for months at a time. If you need your parents to care for your children, move to Canada. Your parents raised you; raise your own kids and let them have the carefree joy of being grandparents. (Being a grandparent is a lot more fun that being a parent; I wish I could have skipped teenagers and gone straight to being grandma. Grandmas read, play dolls and trains and bake cookies. We skip changing diapers, washing clothes, grocery shopping, and dealing with the teachers at school.)

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