How does change in passport affect H1B Visa?

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My wife is on H1B visa living in the US for about 4-5 years now.

She is acquiring a French citizenship by descent pretty soon.

What do we need do for my wife's current work H1B status if she renounces her Indian passport when her French passport arrives(India doesn't allow dual citizenship). Do we have to reapply H1 all over again. If so, is in the 65000 cap again(which I think is met this year).Or can we do some sort of H1 transfer between the 2 passports keeping the same I-94 she has on her I-797 and Indian passport when she entered.

Also how do people chang passports in the US when they become American citizens and renounce Indian citizenship?

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That is when you go out of the country you mean?She would have to get a H1 stamp on her brand new French passport

So when she renounces Indian passport will her I-797 be valid, intact and she is legal here?

Also how do people change passports in the US when they become American citizens and renounce Indian citizenship?

​ I'm hoping to replicate the same for her French passport.Do we send it back to the Indian embassy?

Sorry for the barrage of questions wanted to understand the landscape better and make my questions more crisp and concise when I schedule a telephone conversation with Murthy's attorneys.

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Reason I ask is her H1B I-797 says Country of Citizenship as INDIA in the I-94 below (because her passport w=on entering is Indian)

But she will be getting her French Passport by mail soon.

Can we just use the current I-797 and get a stamping when she leaves the Country.

If the later is true we are thinking of making a Canadian trip as she doesn't need a Canadian visa too to go into Canada.

Its pretty confusing to me as all her American records till date including Social Security Number were obtained showing the Indian passport

Does this mean we have to apply for a whole new SSN altogether

Not able to connect the transition. Please help or provide pointers.

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