221 g white slip from hyderabad with questionnaire


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Hi guys,

I attended my visa interview on the 6 feb 2013. The VO was pretty easy and asked me general questions regarding my employer etc,but he said he just needed some more information from my side and gave a 221g white form . I got an email the following afternoon about my case with a bunch of questionnaire asking about my CV and research papers.

I work for for a pharmaceutical industry in the R&D lab. I guess its a TAL case. I replied the following day with all the information needed.

Its been about 3 weeks and no further updates. Can anyone let me know if they had gone through such a query and how long it takes for such case. I am really hoping for more updates as I am already through with my vacation time.

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ohh. are you from pharmaceutical feild too?

I am having the same situation and me too from pharmaceutical field. Attended my interview on 11 feb and no update till now on 221g. did u submit ur documents in the reply e-mail as they asked or did u send them hard copies?

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@ Easyliving and Hanigarg: Can you guys please update your status on your respective 221g ? I am in a similar situation working FT for a major company with a Masters degree in CS from one of the top university in US and I was told by Visa Officer that "I am issuing your visa" and then a desi girl came and handed me 221g white form. Later that day I got an email from Consulate asking for Resume, DOB, Fathers Name, Mother's Name, Itinerary etc which I submitted the very next day and its been close to 3 weeks and my case is still under 'Administrative Proccessing' It would help if you guys can update you status on your respective 221g ! Thanks in advance !

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I too work as an FTE for a major company and have a masters from US as well. My interview was on AUg24th 2012. I have had previous H1B stampings without issues. This time too interview was very short and positive. The VO lady said that "I am issuing your visa but your application needs to go through some additional administrative processing". I got an email to submit my resume and previous exit/entry to US information which I provided the same day. It has been 7months this March24th and I am still waiting for that processing to complete. Not trying to scare you but just an FYI about my case.

I came across many folks who got the clearance in approx 60days. 1 guy I know was stuck in Hyd for 1 year and 3 days...he just flew back this february. I am hoping I do not fall in the same category.....good luck and keep us posted with any updates from your end.

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Thanks Foreigner2012@ for your response ! This waiting time sucks to say the least. I also have a common Muslim Surname as well which I guess is making them all the more paranoid. Since the date of my Interview: (8th March) the "status update date" changed to 14th March and since then I haven't seen any change on my case. However, I emailed them today asking for an update and waiting for a response. 7 Months is a lot of time in your case ! Appreciate your patience ! Good Luck and I will keep this thread posted regarding my case.

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I think there is nothing to worry about for the first 60 days as most of them do infact get the clearance during that time. However if that exceeds 2 months and then 4months is when it can get real ugly. again not trying to scare you but stay calm for the first 60days and it will turn out ok for you. It's a matter of having patience and keep good relations with your boss.

good luck and keep us posted.

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