Gaps in employment --Kindly suggest.


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Hello ,

I am permanant residant in canada but Indian citizen holding Indian passport. I migarted 2.5 years back and I have employer willing to process my H1B application for this April start date .

I have a question on Gaps during employement .

I have 4 year bachelors in computer science and engineeering -2003

2 Post graduate diploma in Information ssytems -2005.(Studied in canada)

Went back to India in April 2006 and ....

Gap 1 ----2 years (2006 and 2007).(though i have done some teaching in engineeering college for about 6 months i lost those documents).

First Job in 2008-2009july.

GAP 2 (Aug,sep,oct 3 months)

Second job Nov 2009-March 2010.

GAP 3(April ,may,june 3 months)

July 2010-Migarted to canada.

Gap4 (6 Months took for IT job in canada)

Third employer Jan 2011- till

Now my question is there is a big Gap (2 years---2006,2007).Will USCIS check these ??? And ask about these?

Over all of genuine 4 years of IT exp ....

I do not want to put any junk exp ...Kindly suggest .I have travelled from Canada to USA 7 times on B1/B2 visa .

This is my first H1B Visa application to USA . 10 years back my dream was to study in USA but came to canada and finally got PR here.

Please advice how to manage the GAP 1 mentioned.

Will USCIS and US embassy ask about the 2 year GAP 2006,2007 Years and other gaps?



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