H1B filing 2013


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I am on H4 and wish to apply for a full time H1B visa this year (2013)

Could I apply for H1B from two different employers simultaneously? (if in case, one application gets rejected, I will have another option available and thus I will not loose 1 year of employment)

Also, if it's legal to apply from two different companies then, how is the application processed - as in

1. Both could get approved and employee gets a chance to choose one of them after getting 2 full time H1B.

2. Only one would get approved and another one would get automatically rejected (the one which is proceed first would get approved and thus another one would get rejected)


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There is no prohibition to an individual being the beneficiary of multiple H-1B petitions filed by different employers for different job opportunities.

Thanks for your help!

Is there any risk involved for the employee?

Also, would it cause a problem for H1B renewal after 3 years or H1B extension after 6 years? (Because there would be 2 form I-797 for that employee)

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