Visa approved on Feb 25th Vancouver


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Appointment at 10AM with lady VO at counter 4. There were 5-7 indians with me, everybody got their visa approved.

and this is my exp friends..

1. What degree you have?

xxxx (MS in Non IT)

2. Who do you work for?

I work for <my employer> to <client--This is a big client in US> through <vendor>

3. Did you have a letter from client? Can i see it?

Sure. Handed over it to officer.

5. Do you work at client location?


6. And do you live in Client location?

Yes. Mean while she striked off my f1 visa.

7. Can I see the LCA

Sure. Handed over.

8. How long you have been on H1 and how long you have been with client?

xx yrs. xx yrs

9. Worked on OPT earlier?

Yes I did work.

10. Was your pay increased when your status changed to H1?

Yes my employer increased the pay.

11. Can I see W2, pay stubs ?

Sure. Handed over.

Officer took my passport and 797 and said your visa is approved and we will send email in 2 - 3 days.

she gave me a paper for tracking of my application.

I hope this information helps you :)

All the best guys!

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VB2013 - Yes I was with same client when I got my h1 approved. I didn't change any clients before stamping. It is recommended to do ammendment and LCA when you change client.

jyo - I got my passport today. And Richmond is the Loomis branch.

Interview date : 02/25

Passport pickup date: 02/27

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