Visa Stamping with H1B extn approved petition


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I am working in US on H1B for last 3 years and my current H1B is valid until 6/28/13. I got my H1B Extension approved with start date as 6/29/13 till 6/28/16. My visa with previous employer got expired 2 yrs back. I am planning to visit India in March to get my visa stamped at chennai. Will I be able to apply/go for Visa stamping with my Extended H1b petition even though it has start date as 6/29.

Greatly Appreciate if anyone can please clarify asap.


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You can go for stamping with your furture petition which starts on 06/29/13. I am also doing the same. I have my existing petition till 04/21/13. But I am going for stamping on 03/05/13 with my new petition which is valid till 04/20/2016.

Thanks for the response!

Will that be ok to go stamping on April 1st week. Is there any timeline during which only to go for stamping? That is, only these many days in advance from start date (6//29) the stamping can be done. Also I am planning to come back on April 2nd week and will be there be any issues with port of entry.

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