Canada visitor visa (apply online) for H1B Stamping


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Hi there,

I need to go to Canada for getting my H1B stamping for myself. I wanted to apply for Canada visitor visa. I checked site and went to link and filled the form and it says that I am eligible to apply Canada visitor visa online.

I currently live in Florida and I am on H1B visa and Indian Citizen. My question is, Has anyone applied for the Canada visitor visa online ? Can an indian citizen living in United States really do that ? I filled the eligibility form twice/thrice and still it say I am eligible. May be I am doing something wrong or the Canada immigration system has changed recently and you can apply online.

If yes, than how will the stamp on visa for Canada work? Will it be a paper visa like its one for UAE?

If no, than I need to send the application package to Canada Immigration office in NY correct?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Vishal Mody

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The Canadian Visitor VISA process can be applied online from Dec'2012. All you need to do is fill the online forms and upload all the necessary documents stated. Once your VISA approved they will ask you to send your passport along with self addressed return envelope(postages paid by you) and they will stamp & return it. I applied on Jan 7th and got it on Jan 23rd and it is very easy.

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I applied online on January 23rd 2013. I didn't send the original passport in at this time. Got an email from the Canadian embassy after exactly 3-weeks with instructions to send the original passport. I live in DC area, so I sent the passport to New York and got the 3-yr multiple entry visa stamped and returned passport in exactly one week.

So, in total it took a month to get the visa.

Good luck.

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I have applied for the Canada visitor visa online on Apr 8th and it got approved on May 1st. They requested me to send the passport back, I have to do that now. Hope fully it should not take more time.

When I applied for the Visitor visa online I was concerned about not asking all the document to upload which I was expected to do , for example they asked me to upload passport pages but no option to upload I-797 , Then I did the PDF merge of this two document and uploaded as a single pdf, Then all went fine it got approved. So my suggestion is to upload all the mandate documents. Hope it helps...

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Hi I am applying online visitor visa for Canada. My purpose is to stamp H1B visa. I started applying, created account and I am on the document upload page but this page is asking all documents like my travel itinerary, host invitation latter (which I don't have right now). I am planning to take H1B visa interview date, once I have visitor visa. The problem is I don't see any option to go to next page. Please guide me here.  

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Hi Friends,


I am applying Canada visitor visa online , can somebody send a list of supporting documents . I created one account and i will be using the same account for me and my wife .


This visa application is for my wife H4-F1 application , if someone is familiar with any list of additional documents i need to show , Please let me know .


Can i show same supporting documents for my wife too.

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