H1B LCA not managerial; filing for EB1C

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My company is considering filing for EB1C for me, but is unsure if the role on my entry H1B visa (non-managerial) capacity will cause issues in the GC approval. Is there any link / requirement for the H1 LCA application to have a managerial role mapping for EB1C processing?

Just FYI... I do have international managerial experience outside US before I re-entered US.

Thanks for your help

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The EB1C category requires that you were a manager or executive for the employer internationally for at least 1 year prior to coming to the U.S., and you have a managerial or executive position with same the employer in the U.S. Respectfully, it does not sound like you meet these criteria, e.g. your current position is non-managerial per your H-1B petition, and you did not work for the same employer(?) as a manager outside the U.S. Often persons that qualifiy for EB1C category first come to the U.S. under a L-1A visa.

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