keeping the passport vs return of passport


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Hi Guys,

regarding 221g case:

I was wondering if there is any time difference between the two cases, one where consulate keep the passport with I-20/I797 second where they return the passport with I-20/I797.

or they both are alike just depends upon consular's mood.



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Generally, if they keep the passport with them it means they expect whatever procesisng is being done will be completed in a reasonable amount of time and you can hope to get it approved.

If they have returned the passport, then you can expect longer delays and higher chances of rejection.

There can definitely be exceptions to the above rule. One of the attorneys had told me this when I contacted them when my passport was returned back.

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No, your understanding is wrong in this matter.

VO returned my passport and kept only the docs and I was asked to submit my passport after 16 -17 days later for visa stamping and my total wait oeriod was 20 days.

I know many cases where passport was kept by VO and few of them got visa refusel letter after 2 months, few got visa approved after 2 to 6 weeks and few of them are still waiting for update. (It has been 3 months for them now)

so, technically no behaviou of VO's on a particular application can be predicted.

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I have been waiting in Toronto since 5th July for my approve (under 221g). I gave all the documents requested in 16th July, but there is no update. On 22 July I send an email requesting status but got the stock reply which was of no use...

How do you think if I send another email to them for an update?

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My passport is with the consulate for the past 2.5 months. I am still waiting.

One of my friends passport was returned and after 4 months he got a mail from the consulate to come back for visa stamping - since he cleared his administrative processing.

So personally I don't feel returning the passport or keeping it with them makes any difference.

But the real question is then why do the VO return passport in some cases and keep it with them in the others?:)

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This is not a big question. It is quite simple...

When they return passport it indirectly means that your application will go under Administrative Processing and sometime Additional Administrative Processing. When the application falls under AP or AAP it mean's they verify document's (Your / Employer / Client) that you are submitting correct and stating truth about your current standing.

When they keep passport it indirectly means that your application will go under Administrative Review. when application falls under AR it mean's they do futher security, background check on you if they determined that the documents you presented are questionable, or when you lack significant requirements.

Now, please don't ask me how they determine which application to send where cause i also don't know that part :)

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