On L1 now with Approved H1 but denied COS


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Hello Gurus,

A is on L1B active payroll now and valid till Jun 2014. He got a new H1B (applied on 2012) through a consultant X got finally approved a week back after multiple RFE's. Now A is not happy with Consultant X. H1 valid till sep 2015.

H1B's COS was denied stating that he went to out of USA on December and came back which is true.

  • A is still now on L1 job and his status is L1.
  • A havn't used his H1 and run any H1 payroll with Cons X.
  • A got a full time offer from a Employer Y & heneed to join in 3 weeks of notice of his L1 Job.
  • Emp Y will take care of this transfer.


1. Is A elligible to do H1 transfer his new H1 with COS and can start work with Y in this situation?

2. Can A switch without notice to X but proper notice to his L1 employer ?

Your help on this is much appreciated!!

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