L1- H1B COS through PP and Continuing on L1 after approval


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Currently i am on L1-B with company A and my visa is going to expire(both I-94 and Visa) by Jun 2014.

I got offer from employer B, who is ready to process L1 B - H1-B COS through premium process on 01-Apr-2013.

I have following questions before i go ahead with offer from Employer B.

1. When would be the effective start date for COS ? will it be 01-OCT by default or it may be before 01-OCT ?

2. should we specifically mention COS effective date while applying for H1 ?

3. will my current L1 status become invalid once petition is approved ? Assume my petition got approved by 2nd week of may 2013.

4. what would be the case if i travel to India while my COS is approved/pending

5. if i dont want to switch to employer B and want to continue with employer A on L1-b. What should i do to cancel my l1-h1 COS.

Appreciate your valuable suggestions/response at the earliest.

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