H1B Visa rejected, can travel on older valid H1B Visa?


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Hi all,

I got H1B visa through employer A in Jan 2012 and entered US on that visa. That visa & I94 is valid till Dec. 2013

In Dec. 2012 I changed my employer to employer B and got Visa transferred approved with new petition and new I94 card valid till Dec. 2015.

Now I am planning to go to India for vacation and getting new stamping for my new employer B.

I am planning to do that before my current visa gets expired i.e. before Dec 2013.

Now, I wanted to know that are there any chances that the visa for newer employer can get rejected while interviewing at US embassy in India?

If my new transferred H1B visa gets rejected, then can I enter US on my older valid H1B and valid I94?

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