Dependant got passport with visa stamp, not the applicant


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I've applied for H1B extension and H4 extension for my wife on 19th Nov. 2012

We got 221g for additional documents on 7th Dec. 2012

We submitted required docs and passports(we chose to send passports as well, but 221g letter didn't ask to submit passports) on 11th Dec. 2012

We received all docs and passports back with another 221g letter requiring to submit a new passport of mine(my ppt was damaged) and wife's passport on 21st Dec. 2012

We submitted my old passport, my new passport, a new DS-160 confirmation page and my wife's passport on 12th Feb.

My wife received her passport back with H4 visa stamp on 16th Feb.

I didn't receive my passport back yet, it's 21st Feb and already passed 10days or 7 business days.

Online status check says mine is under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING, my wife's is ISSUED.

I'm confused, worried and frustrated. And consulate call center lady is arrogant, disrespectful and lazy to give meaningful update. On one call she said it's in a visa stamp printing queue, after two days she said it'll take next two business days to be issued. Yesterday, she said it's in a SYSTEM processing and asked to call her today. Today she said it's in administrative processing and I need to wait further. She yelled at me saying she did not know when I would get my passport with or without a visa stamp.

FYI: Employment Status - Fultime, Visa application - H1B/H4 extensions.

Anybody has anything to say about this situation? I would be thankful. I'm in a stressful situation of my life time, I've lost almost 7 lacks and postponed my travel thrice already in the last four months.


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