H1-B filling without the education evaluation docuemnt for buying time


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I am currently working on L1-B which is valid till July 2014.

I am planning to apply for my H1-B this year but have some confusion.

I have 12 years of school + 3 Years of Engineering Diploma (which equals of 1 year of US degree) & 8+ years of work experience. To apply for an H1-B one should have 12 + 4 years of education or relevant experience(3 years for every 1 year of education).

With that respect I have 12 + 1 year degree + 8 years of experience. I require 9 years of experience to get an H1-B.

I'll be completing my 9 Years in August 2013. I want to know in case I apply for the H1-B in April without the Education Evaluation document, I will get the RFE for that probably by May or June.We usually have 3 months time to reply for the RFE. By August 2nd, I be having 9 years of experience. I can then reply the RFE with current education evaluation document.

Can this approach be taken to apply for my H1-B this year. Please let me know your views.

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