Merger and H1B


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Hi All,

I am looking for some information in the case when company has announced the merger...

My employer has announced merger with another company, Department of Justice still has not approved the merger but it looks like it will go through and the merged company will have the name of the other company.

My question is - 1) what will happen to my H1B status in this scenario if the employer name changes?

2) My visa extension is due in March 2014, can employer still go ahead with my H1 extension around Dec time frame assuming DOJ has approved the merger by that time?

3) My PERM is under processing, will there be any impact on PERM application or I-140 application?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Corporate changes have a range of effects, from benign to material, on immigration matters. In many cases depending on the nature of a corporate change, the effect on a H-1B petition is manageable while the effect on a green card process can be material. It is advisable to discuss these matters with a qualified immigration attorney to determine individual effects based on an analysis of personal immigration posture and the nature of the corporate change.

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