Travelling to India on expired F-1, but have valid EAD, I-20 and Sevis

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Hi members,

I have a question..

I have to travel to India for family emergency in last week of May'2013.

My F-1 visa expires on May 12th 2013.

My STEM OPT is valid until July' 20th 2013.

Applying for H1 via premium processing on Apr 01st 2013.

Planning to travel after receiving H1 approval..

I understand if I visit India, I will not have valid visa to re-enter USA. So I have to schedule for F1 visa interview. Given the small time frame left on OPT, what are the chances of getting F1 approved for the period of OPT?

Also irrespective of my F1 visa rejected/approved, what are the chances it may affect my H1 approval, if at all..

What kind of status I need to maintain here in US, to be able to work for my US company from India if I get stuck in India between months of May and October?

Please pitch in your comments and any missing info related to this situation.

Thanks much,


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