H1B stamping Error


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I entered as a student in United states on F1 status in 2008. After my

Master degree completion, I got employed and last year my company applied

for my H1B visa. I was approved H1B status from Oct2012. I visited India

during the month of December2012 after getting VISA and applied for H1B

stamping from Mumbai Consulate. The interview went well and I was approved

the VISA. I got the VISA and I traveled to United states. At the port of

entry, Newark airport, during my immigration check , customs found out the

name of the company on my VISA is not printed as per the name on my H1B

petition. I was asked to contact Mumbai consulate to correct the error on

my VISA in my next visit to India.

I wish to bring my wife to United States on dependent VISA. I need to know

if I will get a dependent visa for my wife with current VISA on my

passport. I would like to request you information on how to make the

required changes on my VISA as I am currently in United states.

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