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I am currently residing in India. My spouse is in US on L1 visa. I have got my L2 visa approved in December 2012 and will be joining my spouse in the month of April this year. I intend to work in the US upon landing.

I have few queries on EAD and would require your help / inputs on the same.

Firstly, I would like to know if I can apply for EAD while I am in India. If yes, what would be the procedure to take this forward?

I would also like to know the processing time of EAD from the day I initiate the process, keeping in mind my intended month of travel to the US.

Secondly, If I apply for EAD after I go to the US, can I search for jobs while the processing of EAD is still in progress?

Please let me know the processing time for the same.

Finally, please let me know the documents required to apply for EAD. In addition to applying for EAD, are there any other formalities to be completed in order to work in the US on L2 visa (with EAD)?

Your help / inputs would be highly appreciated.


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An application for an L-2 EAD typically requires lawful present as an L-2 in the United States, ie. presence in the US in L-2 status at the time of application. There is no prohibition to seeking employment in L-2 classification in anticipation of approval of an EAD. EAD applications are typically processed within 90 days of filing, per regulation. Application and documentary requirements are contained int eh application instructions for the employment authorization document application form, however it is advisable to seek legal counsel to ensure appropriate preparation of the documentation and application and avoid delays in processing due to requests for evidence or rejection of application for insufficiency.

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