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Recently I applied for OPT extension(STEM). My school DSO reviewed my application before sending.

But, now I noticed that I did small mistake in I-765 Application form.

Instead selecting the option "renew for my permission to accept the employment" (option 3) I selected "Permission to accept the application form" (option 1).


1)Will that effect my chances?

2)Before RFE comes, can I proactively send the corrected I 765 application to USCIS?

3)Or it wont be any problem, Will USCIS automatically understand that (bcz I send my old EAD copy, section 17 C 3C)) its for renew?



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I mailed my college DSO about How to correct the error on submitted I-765. DSO replied as following :

Hi, Because the code changes from c 3 B to c 3 C the directions are to use the Permission to Accept Employment. Actually in the past the USCIS Nebraska Service center was very lenient on this, but now I fear that if we use “Renewal” they might deny the application.

I would like to cross check with experts like you, whether my DSO is correct? Plz advise.

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