False Dowry (498a) and Citizenship Application


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Hello All,

We were victims of 498a (dowry) harassment case in 2004 and after over 3 years of fighting through indian legal system, with lot of pain, suffering and sacrifices (family peace, work, time, etc) the case was dismissed (acquitted ) and up held by higher court.. Latter i got the GC through work and now eligible to apply for citizenship

My questions are:

1) under moral character section (Q 15 to 18): Should i report the proceedings that i was charged ? (yes/no?)

2) if any of the questions was an yes then i have to provide details. Should i send legal court proceedings ?

Issues would be:

Some of the lower court proceedings are in local language then translation will be an issue.

3) How far to disclose any thoughts suggestions?

4) Since these are family related cases (though categorized as criminal as per indian laws), what happens if i do not disclose?

5) Do i need an attorney to represent citizenship application?

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