H1B visa stamping question


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I have my H1B visa stamped for an Employer A and my visa validity is

until end of 2013.Now i got my h1 petition transferred to

Employer B.I am planning for a vacation to my home country

- Do i need to appear for visa stamping since, my VISA is still valid ?

- If not necessary to appear for VISA stamping what documents need to

be produce at the port of entry when returning ?

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Generally an individual may use the valid, unexpired H1B visa with "Company A" to and the valid, unexpired I-797 approval notice with "Company B" to return to the U.S. to work for Company B. It is not necessary to apply for a new H1B visa with Company B. It is important to check the I-94 expiration date at the port of entry. This expiration date should match the expiration of Company B's approval notice and not the expiration of the visa. Please schedule a consultation with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss the specific facts relating to your case and to discuss the documents you should carry with you when travelling abroad.

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