H1B Renewal Issue


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I have an approved H1B petition & visa stamped on my passport.

Issue Date = 16 Nov 2006

Expiry Date = 19 Sep 2009

I never traveled on this visa & was in India all throughout. No I-94's stamped as part of this visa

In 2010 an L1B was filed by another firm & I traveled on that visa to US & am currently in US with them on this visa

Issue Date = 14 Oct 2010

Expiry Date = 19 Sep 2012

I am looking forward to work on H1B. I have following questions in my mind:

- Can I use my old H1B petition & get transferred to H1B status

- If yes, will the Annual cap be applicable to this scenario / not

- Is there any time-based restrictions on this renewal / transfer wherein I can perform this renewal only within 6 yrs of issue date of my old H1B

- If granted an H1b, what would be the duration available # of years

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