H1B Extension and Visa Stamping @ Canada


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Hello guys,

I am planning for my H1 Visa stamping at Vancouver Canada around July/August 2013 based on the dates availability.

My current H1 is going to expire in sept2013. I will apply my H1 extension in April2013.

Do I need to go for Visa stamping after my H1 extension is effective(oct2013) or can I go to Visa stamping in July/August?

If I go in July/August, will the stamping holds good for my H1 extended duration? Please give your suggestions and let me know if I need to carry any additional documentation, I want to book visa appointment date accordingly.

Some additional details on my case:

  • so far I have utilised only 3yrs of my H1, I still have 3 more years of H1.
  • My labor is in process (May2012 PD- got audited in aug 2012, responded to audit in Aug2012) still wating for response. Masters degree - EB2
  • As soon as my labor is approved, I will apply for I140

Thanks in Advance..!! Your help is much appreciated..

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hi justdoitdude

i too am gonna apply in april/may as mine is gonna expire in oct...and i am also thinking on the same lines....to go for canada for visa stamping....wish folks here share their thoughts/experiences around the same/similr situation......good luck!

Thanks a lot..!! I will definitely share my experience..!! wish you good luck..!!
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