I-94 Validity beyond Passport expiry date


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I recently got my H1b extended until Dec 2015 and got my Visa stamped. My passport expires on June 26 2013. I went to India and while returning, at POE the immigration officer issued an I-94 unitl Dec 2015 ( but not until my PP expiry date).

My concern is:

After i renew my PP, do I need to go out of the country and come back?

Thank you

PS: I googled for the answer and also the forum but could not get the exact answer.

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As others have posted you do not need to go out of the U.S. and come back in solely becasue of a new passport. Your visa and I-94 'carry forward' onto your new passport. The one important point is that you need to keep both your old and new passports and bring both with you the next time you do travel out of the U.S., and you will get your new passport updated when you come back into the U.S. (and then you can 'retire' your old passport).

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You may stay in the US as long as you have an unexpired I-94 and are maintaining your status properly. When you travel in the future, carry both your passports together, and show the new passport as well as the unexpired visa in the old passport, to get a new I-94 for the full petition period.

If you have questions about maintaining status, you may contact a qualified immigration attorney.

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No, you do not need to go out of country and come back. You I-94 / visa are valid with new passport also.


I have two valid I-797's till 2015. I went for stamping with A, visa approved till 2015, came to US. But after two and half month employer A cancelled my H1b due to some issue.

My questions are

1) Employer A visa is valid till 2015 after H1b cancellation also?

2) To get status, can i go out of the country and come back with employer A visa and employer B I-797.

or do i need to go for stamping with employer B petition?

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