'Finger Print not available' on renewed EAD/AP card. Is this an issue?


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I applied for EAD/AP renewal and got the card in around 45-50 days. However, the Finger Print (FP) box says 'Finger Print not available'. Is this an issue, or in other words, do I need to get FP done and re-apply? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Note that my first EAD/AP card had the FPs.

Thank you for your time!

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Thank you for your response, Omshiv.

Just out of curiosity, are there folks getting renewals with Finger Prints (FP) on the cards? If yes, what did you do in addition to sending the application/supporting documents. In other words did you take do the FP again, at the service center, while sending the extension request application?

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