H4 Stay in US without H1 applicant


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Am on H1B visa and my spouse on H4 Visa currently staying in US. My employer (HCL India) initiated my H1B visa and i have been deployed at HCL America. Now my project is about to complete in next few days and i have been informed by HCL US that i will be sent back to HCL India if they could not find any new projects. I will again come back to US once i get a new project might be in 1 or 2 months. Also i will be on HCL India payroll for the time am in INDIA and not on US payroll

Now my question is,

1) Can my spouse stay in US when i go back to INDIA and till the time i come back with another project

2) If Yes, then how many months she can be in US in this state if there is a delay in my return

My spouse is perusing a course due to which she needs to be here in US.

Please do reply to my questions so that i can plan my next steps accordingly.

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