221G Hyderabad Open Cases - 2013


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Guys please share the following details if you received 221 g while visiting Hyderabad consulate..

Interview attended: Jan 18

Issued: 221g (No slip)

Passport: Returned back to me.

Progress: My Client was contacted on Jan 23 with questionnaire and they replied back with the answers on Jan 29th.Since then no response...


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I too got 221g white slip, from Hyderabad consulate.

And it has been nearly 140days since i am waiting. Below are my details :

interview date : 24-sep-2012

passport is returned back to me.

Progress :

VFS team initially called me saying they emailed to my client HR and said i need to inform the HR to reply to that mail. But they denied to inform what is the mail id, they used to email.

Our client HR team is big, not sure, whom did they email? But client HR gave me a letter confirming the detail. I have sent that letter to support-india@ustraveldocs.com.

No response till now.

If any one has similar case, please share.

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My intvw date at Hyd Consulate : Aug 24th 2012

VO said visa approved but additional administrative processing needed. Gave white 221g with nothing checked on it, just a case numb. Kept Passport and I797

Neither my lawyer nor my employer were contacted.

As per DOS they do not need any info from me, just have to wait for admin processing.

My law firm too suggest its a name and background check situation.

Feb24 2013 will be 6 months.

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I have attended on jan 15 and still waiting for reply.

I did not if they contacted my client or not ?

How would they contact my client when they do not have their information.

They have only kept my i797 nothing else.

and my client doesn't know I went for stamping.

Hi Humami,

So you went to hyderabad consulate?? Did they ask you for client letter?? What was the reason behind your 221g??

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I had my visa interview on Sep 11th, 2012. VO took my client letter, thought it was fake and told me that they will do background check. It has been more than 5 months and no update yet. Lost my job now :(

Phal - Did they contact your client to verify your client letter??? I have the same situation VO took my client letter and mentioned that she need to verify it....My client was contacted on a week.....And they replied back to DOS ....Now waiting on the result.

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I don't know if they have contacted or not. When i checked my status online there is no update. Do you have an update?

Phal - They asked basic questions on employer employee relationship... <My Client took time and replied back to the email from DOS. Now still waiting for the reply from the Consulate people.

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  • 3 months later...

Hi All,

My H1 visa stamping stuck

with 221g white and with questionnaire given in hyderabad consulate during 2013.

If you are stuck, please add your case here.

If you are cleared, please add your timelines and experiences here. It will be really appreciated

by other folks as it overcomes the anxiety and gives some hope.

My case is follows:

H1 extension. Big company. Full Time.

OFC Hyderabad : 21 May 2013

Interview Hyderabad : 22 May 2013

simple questions asked and 221g white is handed. Only thing ticked is, it said something like 'you will get email'.

got an email same day with basic questionnaire plus CV and invitation letter asked.

Replied on same day!

Waiting since then. Current status says 'administrative processing'.

Trying to see if anyone passed 4 weeks and will it clear in 4 weeks? Is there anyone with similar

situation since March or April and got cleared and or not yet cleared?

Please help with the info!!! Really appreciate.

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