H4 visa after h1 visa is revoked


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Hello All,

I feel this forum is bible for all visas

you suggestions are required

Past Situation: I went to India and got h1 visa revoked two years back . Since two years i have been working for the same client but my pay roll is getting generated in Indian rupees. Now am planning to go on h4 visa.

Current Situation: Now my wife went to USA on F1 visa and she applied for H1 and got approval. Her employer filed H1 with different LCA (different job),

So please advice me on below points.

1. How complicated is my H4, as my h1 was is revoked (i.e., what are the chances of getting visa)

2. During visa interview, the VO said my h1 is revoked and its been cancelled. and it also got expired as its been an year. but my employer did not cancel my h1 petition. so will this get cancelled automatically?

3. As my wife traveled on f1 visa with my sponsorship, will it be a problem now if i go as dependent ( though she is on valid h1 and good pay).

4. Iam pretty much worried with her LCA (since she cannot file for h1b amendment as her client ( govt.) cannot disclose her details. though her employer applied new lca) (she works on EVC model)

5. She cannot provide the client letter, though she has vendor letter and employer supporting and offer letter. SO is client letter a must for the interview

5.In her i129 petition her job details are different that what she works, will this be noticeable?

6. My visa appointment is in 2 months.so what are the documents i need to submit at the OFC before appointment as it is little confusing with different forums.

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