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Hi, I wanted to invite my parents-in-law for a visit to US. Looking for some inputs on the following:

1. Is there any advantage of choosing English language over Hindi (in Delhi) for the interview? My FIL can speak well in English but my MIL can't. Will it work if I choose English for both - where my FIL acts as an interpreter for my MIL?

2. My FIL is retired but does a part-time job with government body - Prasar Bharati? Is there any downside in declaring this?

Thanks for your time!

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1: If possible take it in Hindi. My parents were in situation and they took in regional language. They didn't ask anything to my mother though. They got the visa.

2: Go with the facts. I don't know if they need anything specific for a govt. employee but just check with some good local visa/travel agent. We hired one for Rs.5000. They do all stuff including online-application, paying fees, book interview-dates, mockup-interviews for couple times, etc.

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