H1B Extension and Perm in Audit


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1.I am on H1B Visa and six years will be completed on 15th Sept 2013.(After recapturing all the Out of the USA stay)

H-1B Visa Immigration

2.I have a valid 1-94 Till 31st July 2013.

3.Labour Certification (Perm) filed on 12th Sept 2012 and got an Audit on Nov 2012 and Auditor/Lawyer Replied with in three weeks to DOL, its an Normal Audit info about recruitment process and Remote job Location and Local Talent availability and applicaions.

4.Can I apply H1B extension for the remaining 45 Days of H1b.

5.Can I apply for 45 Days + One Year H1b extension considering My Labour (Pending) was filed on 12 Sept 2012 well Before 365 Days as I have H1B eligibility till 15 Sept 2013.

6.Or Is there any rule should I apply for H1B extension only after Perm Pending with DOL completes an year.

Like should I apply only on or after 12Th Sept 2013, if that is the case I will only have 2 days to apply H1 B extension before 15th Sept 2013.

7.Is there any tool/site to calculate the Stay in USA and Recapture time and what proof is needed while filing.

Please Advise I am Planning to apply for extension in Premium processing in First week of March 2013

Thanks in Advance.

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