Notice of intend to deny - Fraudulent document submitted with out my knowledge


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Hello Sir, I would really appreciate if you can advise me on my below immigration case.

I had taken admission in University of northern Virginia (****) in April 2009. I had applied for I-539 change of status from H1B to F1 via VCC Education which collaborated with ****. In month of May/June, I had requested USCIS to withdraw my application before it got approved and USCIS had sent me letter stating that withdrawal request was accepted.

As far as I remember I was asked by VCC education to send only educational documents.

VCC education had filed for I-539. I have no idea if they had submitted any financial documents because I HAVE NEVER EVER GIVEN THEM ANY FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS.

In May 2012, I have applied for H1B transfer and my case went in a security check. Today I have received notice stating that USCIS intend to deny my case because when VCC education has applied my I 539, they have added fraudulent document (DENA BANK from INDIA) which I am not aware of.

The notice also says that Applicant's/petitioner's signature is authorizing the release of any information from the record that USCIS needs to determine the eligibility of benefit sought.

It also says that since beneficiary sought to procure a change in his non immigrant status by presenting a fraudulent document, he is inadmissible to the united states under section 212 (a) (6) © (i) of the act

It is asking to submit evidence tis eligible for extension of her stay in the United States as a non immigrant by submitting a photocopy of a currently valid waiver of inadmissibility issued to beneficiary which covers the requested period of stay in the USA.

I really appreciate if you can refer me who has faced similar issue or lawyer who has handled similar scenario.


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