Incomplete given name in i-94 of i-797


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Hello All,

I am pretty new to this forum and I would like to get my doubts clarified from you guys.

First Name: FIRST

Middle Name: MIDDLE

Last Name: LAST


I have recently transferred my H1B visa from Company A to Company B and it got approved. In my approved i-797 notice, my middle name is not completely printed but it displays initial only "as FIRST M.(notice the period next to initial too )". But all my old i-797 show complete middle name as "FIRST MIDDLE". I checked with my new employer, he says that it is not a problem. Is it correct?


In the same i-797, the i-94 is stamped at the bottom, where the section "First(given) name" shows my first name alone as "FIRST", but it shows as FIRST MIDDLE in all my old i-797. Also, my i-94 on passport reflects as "FIRST MIDDLE" only in the GIVEN NAME section. My employer clarifies that it is not a problem. Is it ok to live with? or should I firmly raise it as a concern to my employer?

Please help me, thanks in advance

- Raj

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