Valid L1B Visa, I94 given only for 10 months due to passport expiry


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Hello All,

My L1B was recently approved from Toronto and was given a validity of 5 years. But at the port of entry , the officer has given the I94 till September 2013 because my passport is expiring in September 2013.

I'd like to know what should be my next step of action towards this.

1. Can I extend my I94 along with my dependents.

2. Do I need to travel out side US border with my dependents?

3. Will it be advisable to pay a visit to India along with my dependent ? I am not ready for this option due to personal reasons.

4. Suggest me easy way to extend my I94 with out going out of North America,

Please advise if it is safe to travel Mexico as I stay in Phoenix.

Appreciate your help and advise in this regard.

Wajid Patan

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Renew your passport and then you can either have an extension filed for you, or you can leave and re-enter, before your I-94 expires. Please consult an attorney for more detailed information.

You can travel to Mexico to do this; you may want an attorney's advice on how do do this in the most safe and simple way. (Also see the US Department fo State website on travel to Mexico for general information.)

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