I-94 and Visa Expired but I-797B still valid


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Hi everyone

I'm a nonimmigrant with H1B visa living in Miami, FL. My I-94 and visa both have expired on January 17th but my work petition (I-797B) will expire only on September 30th. However, I mixed up the dates of my I-94 and my wife's, and I got the date of hers in my head. So, I overstayed unintentionally 19 days only (considering the today's date). My boss is counting with me here and the company also has intention to ask for an extension of my visa.

Is there any way to get an extension of my I-94 after 19 days of its expiration date considering my circumstances? Is there any grace period after you got your I-94 expired that gives you time to apply for an extension?

What are my options?

Thanks in Advance

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