Visa stamping done@Vancouver@Counter5 :)@4thFeb


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Visa approved-

EVC model

No client letter(got a letter from HR department that its their policy that they are not allowed to give letter unless there is a RFE)

Masters in US

3 years exp

Questions asked

Where did you do masters?

What masters program you pursued?

What is your employers address?

What services does your employer provide?

What services does your vendor provide?

What is your relation to your vendor?

No documents asked/None requested other than passport/I797A

My opinion

Employer credentials are important and off-course your FATE.

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Dudes and Bettys,

I would HIGHLY recommend reading your I-129 thoroughly again and again before you go to visa, they will clearly mention what kind of services your employer provides, what is employer relationship and other important stuff.


As I was waiting near counter, I have seen atleast 3 other folks being approved, though very similar questions in a different tone and forms.

@OmShiv--Even my friends got stamping after they showed "Cant provide client letter" letter. So they key I believe is presentation and documentation.

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