With 5 yrs on L2, can I get H1 for more than 1 yr?


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I am on L2 for 4 yrs now. However I got my first job after 2.5 yrs(i.e. June'11). So, I have worked only for 1.5 yrs in these 4yrs. My L2 is only valid till Dec'13. So to keep working I need to get transferred on H1 in Oct this year.

My question is

1) Someone told me that you cannot be on any working visa for more than 6 yrs (without your Green Card filled). Could I get H1 visa for more than 1year as I have not worked for 2.5yrs on L2? As my company is ready to sponsor H1 for me but not Green Card.

2) Once I get on H1 in Oct, how soon I can transfer my H1 with another company? or Is it possible in between time to get the H1 transfer?

Any advice would be of great help.


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