Process to Renew EAD/AP application... Please advice.


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Hello friends,

I got my EAD/AP combo card last year with EB2 category. This is my first time to renewal my EAD/AP card .

Please advice for my below questions regarding renewal my EAD/AP card.

1 . Is it advisable to renewal EAD/AP by myself OR give renewal process to any immigration lawyer?

2. Can you please send me the steps or documents that mention how to renew EAD/AP combo card by self.

2. What is the chance of rejection or any risk if I feel renewal EAD/AP process by myself?

Thanks you in advance.

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There won't be any chance of rejection as long as you send a GENUINE copy of the documents required. The worst thing that can happen is they might ask for more information (this is very random and does not depend on the applicantion, think of it as a bad luck lottery)

Anyway, I did the same recently and it was very easy. In one USPS package, I sent both the EAD & AP applications along with the suggested documents to the same address. You may want to double check the address based on your service center. Also, remember both are separate applications and will require separate sets of supporting documents even though you are sending it in one package to one address.

The letter below is my EAD letter. I wrote a similar letter for AP (change EAD to AP & make other appropriate changes to the letter below)

Mailed on Jan 22, 13

Received on Jan 25, 13

Approved on Feb 28, 13

Received on Mar 06, 13

To, Date: January 22nd 2013


P.O. Box 660867

Dallas, TX 75266

Subject: I-765, Extension Application for my Employment Authorization Document expiring on 03/01/2013

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please find the following documents in support of the I-765 in the following order.

  • Completed form I-765 with 2 color photographs
  • Copy of previously approved Employment Authorization Card(Front & Back)
  • Copy of Previously approved EAD mailer
  • Copy of I-797, Notice of Action, approval of previous I-765/I-131 Combo card
  • Copy of I-797C, Notice of Action, receipt of filing I-485
  • Current status of I-485 application printed out from USCIS website
  • Copy of current driver’s license
  • Copy of latest valid I-94

Please approve the above mentioned application with a two-year validity period since visa numbers for my category (EB2-India) has retrogressed and is unavailable for my priority date, according to the most recent Department of State Visa Bulletin.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention and co-operation in this matter.



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