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(H1B to L1A to EB1C) vs (H1B to EB1C)

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Hi Friends,

I need your advise and recommendation on my case. Currently I am on H1B working as Portfolio Manager with 6 months left in completion of 6 years of stay in US. My company has agreed to file GC but the confusion is which is the best option of filing GC with less risk and quick processing. I have worked as PM for a year before coming to US.

Option1 - [H1B to L1A] - Is it possible & safe to transfer my status from H1B to L1A and then file for GC under EB1C. Please note that I have stayed for 5.5 yrs continously in US. What is your experience of success in conversion from H1B to L1A. Will it make my case stronger or weaker to file GC while being converted to L1A from H1B.

Option 2 - [H1B to EB1C] - Is it possible and safe to file GC under EB1C directly from H1B status.What is your experience of success in conversion from H1B to EB1C . Will it be diffcult to prove my self as international manager while my H1B was filed as software developer initially .

Please advise which of the above option is feasible has more success with less risk. I am okay to stay outside US for few months while GC processing is on.

Thanks in advance !!

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Your employer should consult with a qualified, experienced immigration attorney regarding the applicability / validity of permanent residency visa (green card) under the EB1C category. It is important to note that (1) an EB1C filing is an employer process, not an employee process, and (2) there is no "conversion" from a H-1B visa to EB1C (which is an employment based category, not a visa).

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