L1B to Green Card Options with only 18 months left on L1B


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Hello All,

Need your guidance on options to continue my stay in US

I am currently working as a manager and I am on L1B with 5 year limit reaching on Aug 2014.

My employer is ready to apply my GC in EB2.

1) What is the process time for EB2?

2) Given I cannot extend my stay here on L1B eventhough if GC approval in process, what are the altrenatives to continue staying here?

3) will there be any use if I switch my visa to L1A? or H1B?

4) Do I have to go out of US if I change my Visa from L1B to H1B for stamping?

5) If my GC is filed in EB2 and I get to go back and work in diff country for one year, is there a possibility to change my filing to EB1 and get the process completed in that country? will it be faster?

Thank you

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