L1B and I94 Extension


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Hello All,

My L1B was recently approved from Toronto and was given a validity of 5 years. But at the port of entry , the officer has given the i94 till February 2014 because my passport is expiring February 2014.

I'd like to know what should be my next step of action towards this.

Also I'm planning to apply H1 this year through a new employer and I'd like to know what would be the implications of applying H1 when an L1 is there. Once approved what would be the i94 status of the H1 compared with the i94 of the L1B.

Please advise if it is safe and smart move to apply for H1B.



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You can apply for H1 as a COS from L1 or in consualr mode.

COS - Your status will change to H1 within US from the start date on the H1 approval notice. You should stop working for L1 employer and should join H1 employer on this date.

Consualr mode - Your status will NOT change to H1 within US. To change your status to H1 and to join H1 employer, you need to leave US, get H1 stamped abroad and re-enter on H1. Here, you can continue to work for the L1 employer as long the L1 I94 is valid. When you want to join H1 employer, just leave US and return on H1.

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