URGENT: L1 to H1 change of status


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I came to US on L1B for Company A in 2010. Company B processed H1B last year (2012) with COS and it was approved. However company A offered various things to retain me and I left US before 1st Oct and came back on 2nd Oct to maintain my L1 status. Then Company A filed L1 to H1B change of status in regular category in mid Dec.

Recently I got a better offer from Company C and I accepted the offer. Company C initiated L1 to H1B COS under premium. Now I got a RFE for Company A filing. My questions are:

1) What if Company C’s H1 COS is approved and after that Company A’s denied? Will that impact my Company C’s approval?

2) As per suggestion from my lawyer, I asked Company A to respond to RFE and request for with draw their petition. How do I know if the petition is withdrawn?

3) If Company A’ petition is not withdrawn, what will be the issue?

4) What will be the issue if Company A don’t respond to RFE?

Please share your thoughts as soon as possible because I will be leaving Company in next 3 days. Thanks.

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