Do Visitors entering the US on B2 visa get an A#?


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Hi All,

I am filing out an online form I-539 to file an extension of stay for my mom-in-law to extend her stay beyond 6 month period that is showing on her I-94. The for I-539 also ask for A# ( though not a required field).

I cannot find the A# on her B2 Visa Stamp nor on the I-94 and wondering if visitors entering on B2 visa get an A# from USCIS. There is a warning on the I-539 form that failing to provide A# may result in delay of processing the application.

Any experiences on this will be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you all for confirming. I have filed e-filed the I-539 requesting extension of stay without it. When I printed the forms out, the hard-copy did not have optional within the parenthesis for this field, though the at the end of the form it reported errors and warned that certifying without entering that field could delay processing. Looks like the on-line form needs enhancement where it should ask for A# for only based on visa type.

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